Clarity through Scientific Visualization

What We Do

Our dynamic digital designs help early-stage biotech companies communicate more clearly with scientific partners and investors

Custom illustrations and animations

2D and 3D models of complex chemical and biological systems

Scientific figure design

Slide deck design

One-two page executive summary design

 Website design

Videos describing platform technology and/or company mission

Interactive widgets

2022 Reel

Who We Are

Dr. Rachel Davidowitz leads our design efforts to improve the communication of complex scientific ideas through digital media.  She creates complex 2D/3D illustrations and animations of complex chemical and biological systems and helps our clients create pitch decks, videos, websites, and other visual tools to better engage with investors.

Rachel has a PhD in Cell Biology from Harvard Medical School. She was previously the Senior Scientific Illustrator at ExploreLearning, where she designed educational science and math interactives for K12 education. She was also a freelance illustrator and animator for industry and academics, including the Journal of Molecular Biology, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Duke University, and MediVisuals. She started her career in scientific communication at Digizyme, where she created illustrations and animations for E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth, Cell Signaling Technologies, and the Museum of Science, Boston.

Recent Projects

Dynamic Cell Therapies


Custom Illustrations

Summary Video


AI Proteins


Custom Illustrations


Process Videos

Please see Rachel’s portfolio for more work that she has done.  


What Our Clients Think

Rachel is terrific. Her training as a scientist helps her understand cutting edge technology, and her abilities as an illustrator help her clients distill and simplify complex biology without losing meaning. Importantly, her work bridges the gaps between scientists, executives, board members, and investors. It has been a pleasure to work with Rachel.

Dr. Carl Novina

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Rachel was exceptional in her design and execution of the DCT website, and we have had positive feedback from multiple independent viewers. She was a pleasure to work with and was very responsive and efficient during the revision process. We will continue to enjoy working with Rachel!

Dr. Stephanie Kwei

Dynamic Cell Therapies

Rachel has a rare and elite talent.  I’ve described complex concepts to her, and she then drafts a visually appealing diagram that is so elegant and concise that it helps me to better understand my own concepts.  Working with her has substantially improved the efficacy of scientific communication for our entire company.

Dr. Chris Bahl

AI Proteins


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